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“We had a leaking water heater and ended up with mold. Steve gave me the best price I could find on a “Bradford White” 50 gallon water heater. He also dealt with our insurance company, which was a major headache. Pro Finish plumbing helped us stay within our budget and put our home back to normal. I would use Pro Finish plumbing again and I would recommend them to my family or friends.”
— Kurt Shanor

“We had continual plumbing problems with an older rental home. Numerous plumbers said we needed a new main drain line to the street. They gave us estimates on replacing our main line. Steve from Pro Finish Plumbing came out. He put a camera down the drain then gave me an estimate $3,000 to $4,000 less than the previous plumbers. He was professional, arrived the day and time he said he would, worked with the gas company to identify where the gas lines were on the property to avoid any issues & got the job done. He saved us money & with the least amount of damage to our landscaping. Since then I have used Pro Finish for all of my plumbing needs. He seems to have a easy to understand solution & less evasive process for resolving plumbing issues.”
— Mary Thompson

If YELP had a 10-star rating, this company would surely be deserving of such a ranking and workmanship!

Not having any reference to go by for pipe leak, I did my own research. At my work, I inquired if anyone knew of a good plumber. I was given “PRO finish Plumbing” as a source for excellence in anything related to plumbing problems.

This company’s first, middle, and last asset is Customer Service – by far! It started with a phone call where Company Owner, Steve Hobson, was most courteous in answering all of my questions.

Steve was so polite and concerned, that my appointment was scheduled within a day after explaining the situation, and the time constraint that my city gave me to repair my pipe leak. My city’s Meter Reader noticed that my water meter was continuously spinning, yet no water was being used.

Upon his initial arrival, Steve assessed my broken pipe location that was from my main water shut-off valve, all the way to my water meter in its vault in the alley. This project would consist of jack hammering about 20 feet in length of cement, dig down about 18 inches, replace the broken pipe, re-do my main water shut-off valve (from a previous break years ago), back-fill the dirt, and replace the cement. This was going to be quite an extensive job.

I had 4 different plumbers that came out to assess my broken pipe. “PRO finish Plumbing” is the ONLY Company that gave me anything in writing as to what needed to be done. When I called Steve telling him that I wanted his company to take care of my pipe leak, little did I know that it was going to be a VERY thorough communicative relationship.

Steve laid out a plan of action of what would transpire each day after I hired his company. He gave me plenty of advanced notice, so that I could inform my neighbors of the upcoming noise of a jack hammer on the first day. I wrote a very detailed letter to each neighbor explaining what was needed to be done and why. I asked Steve to read the letter and asked for his opinion, before notifying my neighbors. Steve was most gracious in utilizing his ‘own time’, just to verify my letter to 10 of my neighboring homeowners.

As my tract is in a unique setting, our homes are very close together with no fence in between them, and face one another with a common green belt in the middle. There are no driveways, but a vehicle alley to access each house. Therefore, as a courtesy, I wanted to let neighbors know ahead of time of what to expect and when.

Robert and Darrin from PRO finish Plumbing arrived right on time the first day of jack hammering the cement, and removing all of the dirt. Steve had been to my City to obtain the permit prior to starting the project. At the end of the day, Steve had texted me what was done and what to expect the next day. This communication continued throughout the entire job. If I had more than 3 texts (in a row) with questions, then Steve would call to elaborate – day or night, ‘well beyond’ business hours. If I sent a lengthy email, Steve would reply within hours.

On the second day, my city’s Building Inspector checked out the installation of the newly replaced pipe and its connection to my main shut-off valve all the way to the water meter. After the inspection took place, Darrin then back-filled and compressed all the dirt into the long trench. As long as I had Steve on the job site each day, I inquired about my water heater that I had replaced last year. I wanted Steve to look at it to see if it was installed up to code. There was some minor tweaking that needed to be done; a pan needed to be installed, the (earth quake required) strapping needed to be tightened, and some valves that needed adjusting. So after replacing all of the dirt, Darrin then proceeded to empty my water heater and bring it up to code.

On the third day, Steve had Jeremy help him in replacing the cement and asphalt. My city’s Building Inspector asked that the asphalt be removed that led to the vault, to check the placement and connection of the newly replaced pipe. The appearance of both pour jobs (cement and asphalt), were completely smooth and professional looking.

PRO finish Plumbing’s standard not only sets-the-bar, it IS the bar! There is NO reason to search ANY further than THIS Company, to fulfill your needs for plumbing!

— Thea

“Pro Finish Plumbing has helped our property management clients fix small leaks (which are always big to us) to rebuilding out-dated bathrooms at industrial properties! The workmanship is first class and the effort to please both the tenant and the owner is always at the top of the list.”
— Jim A

“A+++++. I had sent a blast message to all the top rated plumbers about my plumbing situation. The few that did respond quickly simply said call me. Steve was the only one who actually read my message and gave me an idea of what the problem was (turns out he was spot on). He quickly returned my call and his technician was very professional! Did a top notch job and kept the work area clean. I highly recommend Steve and his crew for your plumbing needs!”
— Brandon I.

“What a pleasure to work with Steve and his crew. Got an estimate, quickly, that beat my other estimates by a wide margin. His crew arrived on time, actually five minutes before appointment, and the worker waited in his truck until 8:00 on the dot to come start the job. The workers were pleasant, answered my questions, and did a GREAT job within the time estimate given. And cleaned up after themselves! Even the Huntington Beach City inspector commented how well the job had been completed. Pro Finish is my plumber for any future work and I have already recommended them to two of my co-workers.”
— Linda B.

“Yelp needs more than 5 stars for Pro-Finish! How rare to find a contractor that returns calls, is honest, shows up on time, and does a great job. That is exactly what you get (also fair prices) with Steve and the team at Pro Finish. We were introduced to Steve a couple years ago when we moved to the area and bought a house in Brea. We did not realize how much we would need him!. Whether an emergency leak (in our case a leaking steamer unit in upstairs shower) or non emergency things, Steve and his team did very professional work and we would absolutely recommend to anyone. Trustworthy is a great descriptive term.”
— Dave L.

“Pro Finish Plumbing did a FANTASTIC job on my installation of my faucet and plumbing. I would highly recommend Steve and he’s crew. From here on out Steve is my plumber. Very professional, great price and just an overall great guy and company!! Thanks Again Pro Finish Plumber! GREAT WORK!! GREAT PRICES!!”
— Jill E.

“Steve and his team were super professional. Showed up on time for both the quote and installation. We had to run some pipe to hook up water for our refrigerator ice maker. We got a great price and they gave us a break on a small fix we needed in our master shower. Being new home owners, we’re so happy to have been referred to Pro Finish Plumbing and will definitely be calling Steve for any future plumbing needs we have.”
— Cody M.

“After getting a referral for Pro Finish Plumbing I called late one afternoon to get a plumber to install my water heater. They promised a guy would be at my house at 8:00am the next morning. at 7:50am there was the plumber early and ready to go. He installed the water heater and brought everything up to code. Fantastic service, and he left the garage cleaner than when he arrived. I have finally found a great plumber who is local, reasonable, does professional work and is on time! Thank you for the excellent service and I highly recommend this company.”
— M C.

“Thank you so much for your support & help on our project! Your patience, guidance & prompt service allowed us to have an operating (albeit bare-boned) kitchen for our daughter’s wedding shower. Your support & Daren’s patience made all the difference-truly!! I am grateful for those who referred you on “NextDoor” app & will do the same and we have referred you already.”
— L.M.

“The repairman, was very courteous, knowledgeable and pleasant to chat with during the repair of our water heater.”

“Your representative did very well in dealing with a situation neither of our doing, but one ordered by the ACC of Landmark. His analysis, solution and workmanship were stellar. Thanks!!!”

“Quite cordial and professional. We even exchanged bacon waffle recipes. The water softener unit is working just fine and we’re back to slippery skin. Can’t go wrong with this guy.”

“Trustworthy and cleaned up after himself after each full day of work. Steve came out the same day to detect where the leak was located. He was professional well-mannered and followed through with what he said he would do. I’ve already recommended him to family and friends.”
— MARK R., San Dimas

“Pro Finish Plumbing is very professional and does high quality work for reasonable prices. Pro Finish will do the additional things that need to be done to make sure the job is done the right way the first time.”
— TOM N., Brea

“When I purchased a home in Yorba Linda recently with a lot of character and a ton of issues on the Inspection Report. I knew I had my hands full… Fortunately I was referred to Steve Hobson owner of Pro Finish Plumbing and he proved to be a true craftsman in everything he does!”
— M N., Yorba Linda