Video Camera Line Inspection

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Video Camera Line Inspection

Pro Finish Plumbing has been providing quality and reliable sewer & drain services to our customers for years.  Our quality inspection equipment coupled with our vast expertise makes us the most reliable choice around. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and solution-driven service. If you’re looking for comprehensive plumbing services, contact the pro’s at Pro Finish Plumbing.

Video cameras have become one of the most valuable tools in the plumbing business.  Our high tech equipment allows for a visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes that are in your walls, underground, in cement and under your home’s foundation. We have trained and skilled technicians that will insert a flexible rod with a high-resolution video camera on its tip into pipes.  This equipment allows the camera to travel through the pipes, around corners and bends and to see what’s in your pipes.  Our camera equipment provides a video image transmission that allows the technician to determine the condition of the pipe and understand existing or possible problems.  These images can be saved as a permanent video for future reference.

We no longer have to guess what the problem is.  If there is a problem under the slab, we have additional high-tech equipment that can locate the depth and location from the surface of any defect or obstructions so that your technician can accurately diagnose and solve any drain line concerns. This allows our professionals to solve the problems quickly and cost effectively.

A video camera line inspection pipe can identify all types of problems, such as root intrusion, a pipe that is misaligned, broken, punctured, off-grade or corroded. It can also identify grease buildup, leaks and obstructions.

A video camera inspection is recommended if you experience repeated drain line backups, slow drains or clogs. Additionally, a video camera inspection before you purchase a home will help ensure that sewer lines are free of problems that can cause headaches and expensive repairs after you move in.